Transmission Issues in Sprinter Vans

We Specialize in Sprinter Transmission Repairs

If you own a sprinter van, then you know that transmission issues can be a major headache. And, if you live in the Rocky Mountain region of Colorado, then these issues can become even more problematic due to the steep grades and challenging terrain. But don’t worry. Help is here thanks to Colorado Fleetworks—an independent van repair shop that specializes in transmission repairs for sprinter vans like Mercedes, Ram, and Ford. Let’s take a look at how preventative maintenance can help avoid long-term transmission issues and why transmissions are less reliable in the Rocky Mountains.

Preventative Maintenance Matters

It’s important to keep up with your van’s preventative maintenance schedule to avoid major transmission repairs down the road. This includes things like regularly checking your vehicle’s fluid levels, inspecting belts and hoses for signs of wear and tear, replacing filters as needed, etc. It may seem tedious or time-consuming but preventative maintenance is well worth it in order to save yourself from major headaches later on down the line.

Transmissions and Rocky Mountains Don’t Mix

Many vehicle’s maintenance intervals are shortened when not in flat land. The rugged terrain of the Rocky Mountain region makes transmissions less reliable than they would be in flatter areas because of steep grades. This puts a lot of strain and extra heat on your vehicle’s transmission system which can cause premature failure or breakdown if not properly maintained or repaired soon enough. Fortunately, Colorado Fleetworks has expert mechanics who can repair or replace transmissions quickly so that you won’t have any more downtime than is necessary.

Whether you’re passing through Denver on a road trip or have a fleet of light-duty vans that deliver goods around Colorado, we can handle any necessary repairs for any type of van. Ford Transits, Mercedes Sprinter, Ram Promaster, and other vans all experience transmission problems at some point, so schedule an appointment for a transmission check, fluid replacement, or repair today!